Apple Cinnamon Bread or Muffins

Nothing is so welcoming on a fall day as a blend of apples, cinnamon and warmth.  As far back as fourteenth century Europe, apples have been enjoyed as a fall rite, but somewhere in the eighteenth century the combination of apples with cinnamon became uniquely associated with America.  It was this association that gave rise to the familiar phrase, “As American as apple pie.”

Sometimes pie isn’t convenient.  We think these portable snacks are a healthy rival for apple pie, resplendent with the all American flavor of a Midwestern fall day.  Commuters, school kids, and busy moms appreciate the portability and convenience of these breads and muffins, and they are a great way to increase sales from breakfast through after dinner dessert!

You can make outstanding Apple Cinnamon bread or muffins in a flash with our award winning mix. (Want more cinnamon, less sugar, or gluten free?  We are happy to adjust any of our recipes to your standards-just give us a call to get started on creating a custom blend!)

Getting Started…

Make sure you have all the ingredients (fortunately for you, we have put most of them in a single package-the seventeenth century housewife would be tres jaloux!)

-Heat your oven to 375

-Blend the cinnamon into the muffin mix

-Add the water and blend on low speed for about a minute…the batter may still be lumpy-don’t worry about it!

-Fold in your apples with a spoon

-Fill muffin cups or bread pan 2/3 full

-Bake for 20-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean



-10 lbs. Basic Muffin Mix

-#10 can Vacuum Packed Apple Slices (feel free to get artistic-cut them smaller, dice, chop-whatever you like)

-1/4 – 1/2 cup Cinnamon

-2 qts. Cold Water